The Sizzle

The Sizzle presentation can be a click-through emulating the experience a user will have or a short video inspiring users to join—or both.

Put this together with the wireframes and you have a winning combo, substance (the wireframes) and inspiration (the sizzle presentation). Now you have not just shown a VC you know exactly what you are building, you got them excited about what it is you’re building.

Here’s an example of a sizzle presentation that was designed originally to get investors excited and was leveraged to explain to users what the value proposition of the market is.

Carbaya makes car buying simplified. But it still requires a lot of moving parts and serves multiple customer types. To succinctly convey everything that is Carbaya, we created an animation.

We first started with sketches and simple wireframes to flesh out and develop the story and script. Then it came time to design the Carbaya characters. The illustrated style, gave the opportunity to really present Carbaya in a unique and creative way. It was all wrapped together with a cohesive storyline that informed investors of the challenges Carbaya solves, while keeping everyone engaged.