Campus On Fire

Building a marketplace is a challenge…

We do it well — and we do it fast

How we’re different

In-house Developers
Offshore Outsourcing
Off-the-Shelf Systems
Campus On Fire
High Quality
Your Own IP

We don’t reinvent wheels — We use them

Typically 50–80% of a marketplace is ubiquitous. They all need search, payment & payout system, chat, social media logins, API, localization, monitoring, infrastructure, etc.

We take our tried-and-true, proven, vetted and polished code for all those requirements and put our focus on developing that which is unique to your business. This yields significant time & cost savings that you can redirect elsewhere.

Our Process

70% saving

A comparable peer-to-peer marketplace also developed by in-house USA team would easily cost 3-5 times more.

Launch in 3 months

A shorter time to market = revenue sooner. We will have you fully up and running in just 3 months.

Support & maintenance

Based on your business needs, you can choose too keep us on to maintain the site, do continuous development for you or we can get your team up to speed to take the site over. Whatever makes sense for you so you can focus on your business, doing fundraising and getting users.

State of art technology

We use a "no-refresh" development approach and employ the latest trends in software development, design and UX to build lightening-fast single-page applications people truly love.

3 months warranty

We will fix any issues with the code or servers (even if it’s not our fault) free of charge the first 3 months.

No vendor lock

The data, code and IP are yours to keep. You have full control and access to all passwords and assets. Have us to maintain your app or bring your own team.

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Good News!

You don’t know it yet, but your project is almost ready. We have more than 150,000 lines of vetted code already in place for you and 8 high-level software engineers ready for your project.

You save $500K & 9 months

(compared with typical marketplace development cost and timeline) and can redirect those precious resources (time & money) to getting users.

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