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Building a marketplace is a challenge…

We do it well — and we do it fast

What’s our secret?

We know marketplaces

We are a team of developers and designers specializing specifically in marketplaces. We have intense domain knowledge–from multiple payment models, regulations and compliances to multi-lingual challenges and advanced marketplace features.

We have code

There's a good chance we can re-use some of the code we already have. There are ubiquitous parts to all marketplaces. Most need search, social media logins, localization, monitoring, infrastructure, etc. We use our vetted and polished code for those requirements so we can put our focus on developing that which is unique to your business. This yields significant time & cost savings that you can redirect elsewhere.

We done it before

Whatever you are building–we have done it before. We've built marketplaces from scratch, dealt with the chicken or the egg dilema, early beta adoption, fraud prevention, and scaling to large usage. We been down the path having created a company multiple times.

We have been in your shoes

As startup founders ourselves, we know how hard it is to start and grow a company. We did it all on our own every step of the way. But you don't have to. You can benefit from what we learned. We can advise you all the way from getting your first investments and negotiation with VCs to scaling to big numbers.

Just started?
We love pre-funded companies!

We know what investors look for, how to get in touch with them and make a killer pitch. We can maximize your chances of getting funded and fully equip you for your fundraising.

Our Process

There are many kinds of marketplaces: product sales, rentals, services, P2P, B2B, B2C —we do them all

Need a marketplace to sell products? Are you looking to facilitate peer-to-peer rentals? Or maybe need a site for booking services? No worries—we can build all types of marketplaces! And your providers and buyers can be individuals or companies—or both.

We help you to solve marketplace challenges

Chicken or Egg Dilemma

Most marketplaces initially struggle with the chicken or egg dilemma. To get buyers, you need sellers, and to get sellers, you need buyers. You need them both. Based on what your idea is, we help you prioritize to make sure you have a successful launch.

Risk Management

Fraud and spam detection are absolutely critical. Especially in the early days, you need to build a reputation, trust and deliver a flawless customer experience. We find a good balance that you can afford and at the same time manage risks.


The best counter to copycats is in good execution and your secret sauce. We help you to find your unique angle and separate you from your competitors.

Customer Acquisition

As most marketplaces get their revenue from transaction fees, acquiring users at a high cost can be a killer. We build marketplaces which are built to focus on getting and keeping customers.

High Burn Rate

Your first dollars are the most precious. You need to have a long enough runway to take off. This means doing things super efficiently so you can increase your runaway. We can serve as your defacto post launch development team to help you extend those dollars and your runway until you can afford to onboard your own team.


Many marketplace apps target highly regulated markets. We work with those regulations and find solutions to build your marketplace around those regulations to ensure your compliancy.

Marketplace features

For a marketplace to disrupt an existing industry, it has to grow at a breakneck speed. With little margin for error, you’ll have to find users who are going to love your marketplace quickly and define a minimum lovable product (MLP) so you can test your assumptions early and rapidly. We offer a large and comprehensive set of features that make it easy for you to build your unique platform.

Online Payments
Search Engine
Social login
Hold Funds
Booking Calendar
Language and Currency
Mobile Friendly
Access Control
Order Management
Availability and Scheduling

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