Campus On Fire

We build Custom peer-to-peer marketplace websites & apps connecting buyers to sellers

We do it well — and we do it fast

I’m the Business Genius

  • I want to get to market fast.

    Everyday that we are not live, is a day of missed revenue. We can have you live in 2 months.

    Yup. 2 months.

  • I want apps! For both iOs and Android, oh and it has to work on mobile too.

    We got them for you. They are included.

  • I have big plans for this. It has to be able to be localized in additional languages.

    It already comes in English and Russian. It is also set up to add as many other languages as you like with a robust backend admin system that allows you to localize easily.

  • Along with that is we need to have multiple forms of payment and in multiple currencies.

    Will 133 currencies do? We got you covered.

  • Needs to be fast. We cannot afford to lose customers because it is dragging.

    It is lightening fast. We use no-refresh technology that show changes in real time.

  • Registration needs to be easy and fast. Our customers use social media.

    Customers can sign in with their email or their social media accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram or LinkedIn.

  • Last time I did this we had to rebuild in order to scale after we got our MVP. That was expensive and caused us a lot of delays.

    We got you covered. You are ready to scale, no need to rebuild and no downtime. So you can put that budget towards marketing instead.

I’m the Tech Genius

  • I need it to work, code is GOD. I want to see the code before we buy it.

    You got it. Check out our code samples

  • I want it to be scalable. As our biz takes off we have to be handle spikes and rapid growth without having to rebuild from scratch.

    We have build this with scalability in mind. No need to rebuild for scaling.

  • I want API with documentation.

    You got it.

  • I want full control of the code, now and moving forward.

    You got it. We give you full control to iterate on the code.

  • I want it to be fast.

    Done. We use non-refresh technology for real time updates.

  • To do this right, I need a dev site too.

    Yup, we know. Got that for you too.

  • If we are going to scale like we plan, we will need enterprise hosting.

    Already in place. We use Heroku for managed hosting or Digital Ocean if you prefer full control

  • I need serious admin control.

    Great. We built disputes and customer service and order management. You can see all stats as well.

The need for marketplaces has grown exponentially over the past few years.

We are a team of developers specializing in one thing only — marketplaces.

After building many, we decided to invest in developing a platform that allows us to leverage shared components and libraries. This allows us to cut development time and cost 3-5 times compared to ground up development.


Full Package

Ecosystem of web site, mobile apps, API, localizations and scalable infrastructure.

Huge Saving

Peer-to-peer marketplace development from ground up will likely cost 3-5 times more.

Launch Fast

Short time to market — fully up and running in just 2 months.

Paying Customers

Get early paying customers for real life market feedback.

Venture Capital Ready

Solid base for round A or round B funding.

Zero Risk

No risk – see what you get before you pay.


3 months of support and issue-free guarantee.

Support Available

Hourly on demand support afterward.

Are You?

Seed Startup

Sole Proprietor

Development Team

Comparable Peer-to-Peer Marketplace Examples

  • Airbnb for trading places
  • Place to find help cleaning your home
  • Groupon for deals on services
  • Marketplace to connect with dog walkers
  • GrubHub for late night snacks
  • Uber to get you home in a storm
  • Etsy for unique handmade gifts


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