Design & Development

Our Promise

Our team chose to specialize in just one thing—building marketplaces. We are a well-oiled machine with a vetted, SWAT-team like process that allows us to guarantee a fixed price (no budget surprises) and a fixed time. We are not figuring it out on your dime, we already know what to do and how to do it.

Your SWAT team

No single developer, as great as they may be, can do complex marketplaces. It is simply just too much for one person. We have a SWAT team of a software architect, an art director, designers, 4 backend and frontend developers, QA team to work exclusively on your project. With over 100 years of combine experience, we put into each build. Everyone on a team is very efficient because they have mastered one thing. Think Oceans 11.

Like the Big Guys

Development is very expensive and there are many key features that the big guys like AirBnB and Uber have that startups simply can't afford; API, localization, continuous integration & delivery, scalability—just to name few.

But those features are critical to your success. And waiting to include them later has a domino effect. First it becomes exponentially more expensive to retrofit the system to include them. This significant increase in development cost means postponing including them until you are ready for round B funding. Not having them makes it more difficult to get to the stage of being ready for round B funding. In short, it costs you significantly to wait.

And herein lies a key value proposition we have for you. We already have these functionalities baked into our process and the best part is we don’t charge you for it. This means you have a real fighting chance in an increasingly competitive space.

Transparency—good for all of us

We believe in full transparency so we setup a staging server for you and encourage you to provide feedback as early as you can.

We break each project into bi-weekly sprints each with predetermined deliverables, iterations & payment structure.