How important is a brand?

Well, if you bought a $1,000 coat at a famous 5th Avenue retail store and lost it and then found the same exact coat being sold off the back of a truck, would you pay the same $1,000 for it?

It’s the same coat.

It may be the same coat but it has a much lesser perceived value because of the different buying experience. If you want big bucks from VCs and adaption by the masses, you need to maximize your perceived value first.

We partner with the team at Lúgh Studio on brand identity to ensure that your brand identity is in alignment with the awesome marketplace we’ll build you.

Lúgh Studio

Brand Process

Creative Brief
Mood Boards
Fonts, Color
& Feel
Stationery Set
Web Design
Marketing Assets
Print Assets
Motion Graphics

Understanding the brand

A timeless, strong brand starts with a clear direction. We begin by discussing and learning your brand goals. Our in-depth brand questionnaire; provides insight into what your present and future goals are, who your competitors are, what is the overarching vision and much more.

We solve problems as they arise, ending up with a concise and clear understanding of your brand.


Developing a visual theme

Once we understand the concept of the brand, now it is time to give that concept a form and look. Taking all the information that we gathered in step one, we create three unique mood boards. Here we are looking to illicit form you more visceral feedback that is hard to articulate but easy to recognize visually.

For example, if your brand is “upscale” we need to know if by that you mean, Bentley, Ferrari or Lexus?

Each board shows a complementary collection of fonts, key words, colors and images. We get your feedback on all three, combine the feedback to create one final moodboard which will inform us visually so we can approach the designs in a target manner.

Visual theme
Carbaya Logos

Designing the logo

A logo needs to tell the story of your brand, while living in the simplest possible form. We use this as a guideline, creating a diverse, yet targeted range of logo options. Each logo option has been meticulously thought out and designed to represent your brand in the most concise and creative way.

We present the logo options with our thought process, so you understand why the shapes and colors look the way they do. Each logo is shown in different environments, so you can better visualize your brand living in the real world.


Selecting the final logo

After viewing all the options, one logo always jumps out as the winner. If needed, we will work to further finesse it into its final form. This is the official start of your brand identity.

Carbaya Logo

Expanding to the collateral

A great logo needs a great identity system, to live in. We provide any and all collateral assets, that your brand might demand. Collateral assets can take the form of business cards, motion graphic video, marketing and social media graphics and any number of print applications.

We make sure your brand identity is catered to each of these mediums. So when viewed separately and together, the story of your brand is clearly told and recognized.


Creating the brand style guide

Once the brand has been fully fleshed out and explored, it is time the create a style guide. The style guide helps to preserve the integrity, consistency and quality of the brand’s identity. So no matter who works on a design, the final piece is consistent with the rest of the brand.

Our style guides go into as much depth as needed. Covering everything from the logo and it’s sub marks, to fonts, colors and everything in between.

Carbaya Brand