A pay-it-forward platform that makes it easy for friends and neighbors to do and receive favors easily

Secret Sauce

Multiple Files Upload

Adding photos of what you’re offering or need helps other users immediately understand what you’re posting. This intuitive interface allows you to drag and drop your photos anywhere in the browser for easy, fast and simple uploading.


Critical to making any online experience good is getting to what you want in a way that is quick, intuitive, and targeted. The tagging and filtering system in Boomerang allows users to quickly check offers vs requests, narrow down by category, dates or neighbours.


Major brands regularly localize their websites—not just by language but region. It allows for them to meet their customers where they are at. Boomerang launched in 3 languages using a technology that makes human translation and maintenance of the site straight forward and affordable. Every string is catalogued and if any gets changed in any language, the translators are notified to also translate the change in their language. This ensures that translations are done quickly and accurately significantly lowering costs to maintain a site in multiple languages.


Location was needed to that you can interact with people nearby since the app is about helping one another. And to keep it easy, we autodetect your location and give you the option to adjust it by dragging the marker or typing in an address.

Instant Chat

Sometimes you need to quickly ask some more details before committing to a request. We build intuitive chat that also allows you to attach documents/photos in the chat itself. You can also rate your experience while chatting.

Social Logins

You can sign up with Boomerang via Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin. If you decide to give Facebook a break, no problem, you can switch your log in to be any of the other social logins. You have full control. Again, make it easy for the user to interact on their terms.

Visibility Setting

Users needed to have the ability to approve or decline an interaction. They also needed to control who could see the request or offer in the first place. You might have 5 good friends that you trust to pick up your daughter after school if you are stuck at work but you would not want to just post that to just anyone. So you can select from friends, neighbors, groups you are a part of or just hand select people from your list. By allowing such targeting offering, we significantly broaden how users could use Boomerang to enrich their lives. Nice, right?


Working with the Campus On Fire team it becomes immediately evident that they know what they are doing. When you start working on a marketplace you quickly realize that there is a lot you don’t know you didn’t know. This team knows.
—Lorenzo Donvito