Our founders have been building online marketplaces since 2000

We have gone through our share of trials and errors. We've launched a number of successful sites to date. We know our stuff. We've built our marketplace offering for people like us—aspiring entrepreneurs, passionate about their concept with a sense of urgency who want to get started yesterday.

Peter Byrnes

Prior to founding Campus On Fire, Peter founded a Brooklyn-based design firm which he has led for the last 20 years. The firm works with clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to start‑ups. Passionate about communication, Peter is an experienced CEO and has helped companies get funded, launch MLP and scale.

Peter speaks Swedish (fluently), German and is conversant in Spanish. He studied French, Russian and is currently studying Italian. He lives in Brooklyn with his bad-ass Schnauzer, Diego.

Yuriy Smirnov

With over 20 years of experience with startups and large brands, Yuriy is a full-stack architect & engineer whose passion lies in building great products. Yuriy’s focus is in software architecture and best development practices. Yuriy is an experienced CTO and product owner who has grown products from MLP to significant usage.

Prior to founding Campus On Fire, Yuriy was the Chief Architect of a $10M VC-funded travel marketplace startup where he built a team of 35 developers and was the VP of Software Development for a $5M funded job marketplace. He was the first developer and team lead at a $23M funded social marketplace for celebrities and has built apps for clients including the BBC, H&M, Barbie, Kaplan, Versace, iVillage, The Hollywood Reporter and Chase Bank.

Anton Isaykin

Anton has 15 years of experience as a product owner and enginer. He founded and sold a Spotify-like music app with an Alexa 20,000 global ranking with 5,000,000 monthly average users and he built and sold a popular bitcoin exchange platform.

Anton was the team lead of a $10M funded marketplace startup where he managed a team of 7 developers. Anton specializes in building high-traffic, scalable apps loved by millions.

Anton travels the world and re-locates every few months. You can spot Anton coding on a tropical beach in Asia, the dark forests of Russia or Hyde Park in London. He's mastered the concept of a good work environment.